HWiNFO 6.00 Build 3620 Full

Download HWiNFO 6.00 Build 3620 – Maybe it once compiled You want to know information about hardware on your pc / laptop, for example Motherboard, RAM, CPU, VGA, HDD, etc. But you are confused looking for software that can protect the name of the component installed on your PC / laptop, and you should try to download software called HWiNFO. With only 1 software you can already know all the names of components that are on your computer / laptop.

In addition, with this HWiNFO you might also be able to analyze problems that suddenly infect your device, it might feel faster, or hotter temperatures. Recently, HWiNFO has released the latest version of this application that is licensed version of HWiNFO 6.00 Build 3620. We have provided download links from this application, the full version is yes. Then what are the interesting features of this application:


  • Find detailed information about the hardware used on the computer
  • Use professional hardware, information and diagnostic tools
  • Provide the most information about the hardware installed on the system
  • Easy to use and hassle-free
  • Provide the most accurate information available on hardware
  • Supports different versions of Windows
  • Suitable for users looking for their hardware drivers
  • View full CPU, Memory, Motherboard, Chipset, BIOS, Monitor, Audio, Network, Ports …
  • Completely free and no need to install
  • Find detailed information about hardware even by beginners

Link Download


HWiNFO 6.00 Build 3620 (8 Mb)


HWiNFO 6.00 Build 3620 (8 Mb)

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